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Emo twink Adam Blank arrives at his college buddy Jim Crew’s pad with his own video camera! In this after-school bro-mance, Adam demonstrates hot P.O.V. oral sex fun while face-fucking Jim! Then Adam flips Jim over! Adam plows Jim’s tight bubble butt with his huge, juicy cock. When the cum flies, so do the facials!  
Freshman Damian schedules a tattoo appointment, and offers tattoo artist Kai Summers sex in lieu of cash payment. Kai accepts Damian’s offer to bottom for art. Head down, ass up! These horny jocks have an intense anal cram session. Check out Kai’s 8” tonsil creamer! You’ll want to keep him around for breakfast!
Sexy dorm whore Vance Caldwell is creeping around on his ex’s new fuck buddy by using the excuse of car problems as bait. When naive Lucian arrives in the car park, neon pink singlet-clad Vance makes the move and seduces Lucian with some deep-throat dick sucking. Lucian gets dicked down and bottoms out on the hood of a sports car. Both stars shoot their creamy loads all over each other’s smooth chests!
Adam & Jim
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Ka & Damian
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Vance & Lucian
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Juan from Mexico City has a girlfriend, studies hard at school and secretly likes older guys to suck his 9 inches when the homework is done. Juan takes no time sliding off his tight, bulge framing pants to unleash his thick, uncut chili. He grinds the bed, plays with his ass, showing it all for the camera. His sweet milky loads spray all over the room. Doesn't speak much English, but understands how to communicate with his dick…and his ass!  
While Jessie’s older brother is away at work, surfer Rocky Balboa begins creeping around on his boyfriend’s thuggy younger brother. These sexy spunk buddies play and spray all over! When Jessie bends over to get ready, these two scorch the sheets! “Aieee! My aching culo!”
Jr. hottie Young Gun raises his game of football with a butt-busting boner! He swaps licks and slurps with his teammate Holden Rush. Then Young Gun drives his dick down Holden’s mouth! After he is all wet and slippery, Holden takes it like a man and rides Young Gun uncut ten inch dick.
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Jessie & Rocky
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Young & Holden
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Jr. marine Chris Steel is receiving a personal training session from bottom boi Cocoa Thug. When Cocoa starts to get fresh with Chris, the horny gym buddies lick each other’s dicks. Then they trade loads! Satisfaction guaranteed with these sporty squirters!  
Cover studs’ Brad Michaels & cocky Texas bad boy Kenny Kash go AWOL to exercise buck-naked! Sexual tension builds when Kenny wrestles Brad on his back. They swap licks and suck each other’s sticks. Brad bends and spreads while Kenny lines up his dick and mounts his buddy Brad in doggy. Butt bully Kenny power fucks Brad while he moans and groans. Then these stars spunk on each other!
Sexy dorm whore Vance Caldwell is creeping around on his ex's new fuck buddy by using the excuse of car problems as bait. When naive Lucian arrives in the car park, neon pink singlet-clad Vance makes the move and seduces Lucian with some deep-throat dick sucking. Lucian gets dicked down and bottoms out on the hood of a sports car. Both stars shoot their creamy loads all over each other's smooth chests!
Chris & Cocoa
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Kenny & Brad
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Caden & Kyle
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Sex-bully Bobby (18) wrestles Johnny (18) down to the ground in his mom's living room. In a fit of unbridled teen lust, they make up, make out and pop out of their pants, sucking each other・s guy meat. Bobby sucks dick way better than Johnny・s girlfriend does (shhhh, don・t tell!), and Johnny loves it. It・s only Johnny・s second time ever with another guy, and the sex juice is overflowing! They suck and stroke and make out .til they are pink and raw!  
Back at the dorm, devilishly cute Dusty O’Reily can’t resist thinking about sex with the other jr. jocks! In this sizzling solo scene, Dusty fingers his ass and primes it. Then he strokes his glorious cock and gives an impressive show! Your need a wet-nap when this scene is over!
Three jr. jocks learn their lessons in physical education when these pichersa and catchers choose sides! If you like 3-ways, you’ll love it when Brad and Gavin do a train on Kaden! Kaden gets stuck in the middle while his ass gets plowed and he gets schooled on sucking cock! When Kaden can’t take it any longer, Gavin bends and spreads. Watch this dirty three-some drill deep and cream the team!
Bobby & Johnny
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Brad, Kaden & Gavin
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Boss man Dakota surprises the LATIN PINGA POSSE with a surprise body cavity inspection. Dakota goes down the line, hosing off armpits, dirty dicks and goes in between the cheeks in search of the ‘Booty Master.’ Dakota finds the brawn, the beef & the booty and finds out who’s been the nastiest! Fans of Latin dick love this wet line-up of lickable dick!  
Heading down the twink happy trail, Latino stud Kaden plants a big kiss on blond Dakota's cock. Kaden pulls his own boxers off, while Dakota impales him with dick for some serious splendor in the ass! Next, the hung buddies head off to the cabin for some deeper penetration. Kaden rests his feet on Dakota's shoulders, and takes nine inches of fresh meat on his back. Dakota shoots his infamous, exploding geyser all over Kaden who then nuts on his own chest.
After baseballer Scooter pitches a boner, three exhibitionist twinks have a public sex show on the field! It’s an after-school spooge-party! Scooter is the first-timer here and gets shafted by his butch baseballing buddies! The newbie gets an oral initiation. Tall, dark and handsome Latin athlete Xavier adds more points to his anal scorecard!
Roger, Kaden, Azz & Kai
Views: 33,466
Kaden & Dakota
Views: 24,279
Scooter, Tony & Xavier
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Two big-boned scouts meet up after a long day of selling cookies for camp. Things start to heat up when Nate spits on his dick and gives Dustin Daniels a mouth-fuck. Dustin milks Nate's extra big bone and massages his low hangers. Soon these young men hear the call of the wild and find themselves as naked as all the other animals in the forest.  
Soccer stud Lewis Cannon follows Cody Kucher to his frat. Lewis brag about the size of his dick! Cody reassures him that he gave give a fucking awesome blowjob, even with a full set of braces! Then lewd Lewis takes on Cody’s bubble butt with skill and strategy and pop’s his boy cherry! Watch this butt bully score tail big time!
Three jr. jocks learn their lessons in physical education when these pichersa and catchers choose sides! If you like 3-ways, you'll love it when Brad and Gavin do a train on Kaden! Kaden gets stuck in the middle while his ass gets plowed and he gets schooled on sucking cock! When Kaden can't take it any longer, Gavin bends and spreads. Watch this dirty three-some drill deep and cream the team!
Nate & Dustin
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Lewis & Cody
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Kyle, Chaz & Axel
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Camp counselor Dakota returns to take a break. Fire fighter Zack Bennett walks into his room and shows off the hose he has coiled behind his jock strap! Dakota deep throats ten inches of hose while Zack inhales the salty sweat of his worn strap.. Zack strokes the back of Dakotas head while he gets his tend incher sucked and smothered with kisses. Zack returns the favor and services Dakota. These stiff ones moves over to the couch and keep stroking. Then they prove they are both versatile bottoms. Zack rides Dakota for a while. Dakota leans over a stool and gets a hot beef injection from Zack.  
After a cool-ass nature walk, campers Jake and Dakota bully up on Star. Jake lifts Star with his arms and Dakota sucks him standing up! This three-way sex pretzel turns into an intense no holes barred gangbang by the swamp! These ass bandits take turns fucking Star on the sleeping bag and back at the cabin. Watch what happens during the happy ending!
J.T. & Brenden have been wrestling partners and roommates who rub together since first semester. When Brenden's nine-inch boner pops out of his shorts, J.T. knows he is going to score a fuck! Both wrestlers spar, work out and hunker down into great wrestling holds. Like a true sex god, J.T. fucks anything that gets near his dick, and Brenden gets his party in the rear. Passion ignites in this cum-filled scene, plus loads and loads of hot stud-sex.
Dakota & Zack
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Jake, Star & Dakota
Views: 24,430
J.T. & Brenden
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Blonde stud Dakota is boxing in the backyard, when mega-hung Christian and his cock hungry lips shows up for a surprise visit-only to attack him with juicy kisses and a ten-inch wiener! Without delay, Christian drops to his knees, pulls out his pecker and power sucks Dakota’s straight cock. They flip flop on the grass, role-play and 69 each other’s blood-engorged meat. Dakota knows Christian needs an anal injection, so he takes him inside to the bedroom for a well-awaited graduation gift-extreme penile intrusion! The passion ignites, and the positions flip back and forth. Both eighteen-year old newbies bottom out in award winning, non-stop, no holes bared hardcore action!
At the gay resort, blond surfer Cody Parker and bartender Holden Rush are scrubbing down the SUV in their skivvies. Cody gives Holden a funny look, wags his extra-large hose at him and the barometer rises. Holden gets fucked on the tailgate. Both ejaculate on each other’s smooth chests. Two hotties full of sperm get a hosing down!
When adorable Azz wrestles wide-eyed Kai down to the ground, the heat really turns up! Azz plants a deep tonsil-licking kiss on Kai. Then Kai starts exploring some uncharted territory with his tongue. Azz starts rimming Kai and the ass play continues. The dirty duo gets into some acrobatic positions. Kai bends and spreads over on the tailgate, while Azz plows him from the behind. Azz takes his time fucking Kai with some slow, deep strokes. Then they both unleash huge loads of cum!
Dakota & Christian
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Cody & Holden
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Azz & Kai
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Top surfer stud Chaz Kramer gets an emergency call that his fianc is in labor, but aggressively gay roommate Jake Lyons sees this as a golden opportunity to get boned without getting busted! The chemistry is right when Chaz and super hungry Bottom Jake—a very verbal screamer—gets bent over! Jake receives a royal rear-end anal initiation! Enjoy the copious amounts of cum these spunk starz ejaculate!  
Twink bait Chad Fitch wants a swimming lesson from his dorm buddy/escort Lewis Cannon, and gets more than he bargains for. A backstroke leads this frisky duo into swapping blowjobs. Newbie Chad gets an expert training session in the art of sucking cock! Spunk star Chad lifts his legs into the air and gets ploughed in a myriad of positions. These banging blonds work hard getting each other sticky with cum!
Israeli jr. porn star LT Mkay faces off with his super-hot, redheaded dorm mate Atlanta Grey. LT asks his buddy if huge Middle-Eastern dicks turn him on? Atlanta admits that it does! LT Mkay teases Atlanta with a seductive underwear show. Then hot Atlanta gets boned in a myriad of submissive positions. Enjoy these freaky fraternity squirts firing off!
Chaz & Jake
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Lewis & Chad
Views: 24,977
Atlanta & LT Mkay
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It's Rush Week, and frat brother Max baits Dakota into the woods for pledge training. Bonding with boners, Max coaches his buddy how to suck big dick, sixty-nine and reciprocate a probing rim job. Dakota licks it and likes it. Max's uses his jumbo boner to paddle his ass. Dakota gets his official anal induction to the frat house, while they both kiss and lick up their creamy cumshots. It doesn't get any hotter than this!  
Big-dicked Glasius Ice arrives at Lake Poke-A-Hiney to take his dinghy out and fish for some dick! He floats around his dinghy and strokes his long and thick brown cock. Then he gets back into the SUV and crosses over the edge. Once he can’t hold back any longer, Glasius shoots all over his chest and slurps up his own cum!
Brad can’t resist Kaden’s wet woody at the car wash, so he deep throats it! Watch these homies go beyond their limits! In the back of the truck, Brad tells Kaden its time to bend and spread. Kaden squats on Brad’s stiffy and rides him with unbridled passion and sheer lust. Feast your eyes on a very special triple load of spunk while these two fuck like wild animals in heat!
Dakota & Max
Views: 24,235
Glasius Ice
Views: 33,477
Kaden & Brad
Views: 33,213
It's always a good time for a naked piata party, and after the candy drops, away they go! Watch this poolside three-way heat up with kissing, rimming, cock stuffing and ass play. While hanging loose by the pool, tight ass Kaden takes Dakota's stiff dick while sucking on Max. After Max hardens up, he power fucks Dakota and Kaden in the grass. Amazing anal enjoyment! These hung fuck buddies ride each other's volcanic boners, swapping cocks and sucking butt. Hard, sweaty sex, just like these young hard-bodies like it!  
Counselor Jake is having a wank by the fire pit when he bumps into Xavier who is scouting for wood! Horse-hung Jake is craving spunk and looking to poke-a-hiney! Give it to me counselor! yelps Xavier. Jake charms his buddy with his ten-inch log, then rams it down his throat! Jake slaps his hard wood on his buddy's ass and cornholes him! They fuck fast and furious in multiple positions! Who needs a marshmallow roast when you can plow a tight Latin ass instead?
These two real-life Latin lovers begged to be stars of this video, so they could rebel against their strict religious upbringing. With so much teen-angst built up in their blood, these two hotties pillage and plunder every available orifice in this sizzling, screamer scene. Diego mounts his boyfriend in over six positions, while he fucks his ass red and raw. Isaac takes it like a real man, aggressively pushing his hole back onto Diego’s dick regardless of how forceful he is penetrating it.
Kaden, Max & Dakota
Views: 33,685
Jake & Xavier
Views: 24,187
Diego & Isaac
Views: 33,443
Across town, super-cute Josh makes his second appearance in the video, and shows up at Dusty’s crib. Josh wants to have his own party– a two-man party, and when he sees the size of Dusty’s fat dick, Josh goes crazy! Josh and Dusty sixty-nine, then go ballistic on the couch. Dusty’s ass quivers for Josh’s rock-hard cock, and Josh slides his greasy rod into Dusty’s tight ass in reverse-cowboy and doggy-style positions!  
From San Juan, PR, super hombres Timmy (19) and Darle (19) suck blow and stroke the night away. Darle picks Timmy up and they 69 standing up. That drives submissive Timmy crazy, so he charges back with his dick hungry mouth to swallow Darle’s 8 inches on the kitchen counter. They chase each other to the bedroom, and suck each other dry…even though everyone else is drenched in sweat!
Brock Hard follows Brad Bones back to the cabin. They strip, kiss and swap blowjobs. These whopper dicks are big, especially on this swimmer builds! Brock gets on his hands and knees while Brad long dicks him on the futon. Brock steps up the faster he gets fucked. Brads dick is a lot to take, 8 inches thick and hard! These spunkstar’s get their spunk on big time!
Josh & Dusty
Views: 24,135
Timmy & Darle
Views: 24,977
Brock & Brad
Views: 33,213
Fresh of the school bus, Chaz and Kaden Roads sneak off into the woods. Kaden get brutal with his camp crush. Chaz bottoms for the first time on camera and reveals him to be marked as a major moaner. When they cum on each other, Chaz speaks up and says, “He’s not bad for being a new recruit, huh?” Kaden slips falls in the waters after he nuts!  
After rugby practice, testosterone driven Kyle goes in for bonus score with sexy Sean Stang. Buff and toned Kyle slaps his cock on his comrade's face, teasing him with his massive cock. Rolling around the turf in sixty-nine, they swap spit and pre-cum, sucking each other's cocks like candy. Sean spreads his ass cheeks and fingers his own ass. Kyle teaches his pledge a lesson, working in his massive meat inch by inch. Sean busts his nut first, and then Kyle finishes him off with a facial. These athletes blow off steam and take a jump in the pool to cool off!
After a game of flag football on the phys-ed field, Brad admits to Gavin that he’s “been chasing his tail for a long time.” Then they start making out. Gavin likes the attention and starts blowing Brad’s sweet 8” cock in the wild outdoors! You can tell Gavin really loves dick! Brad leads Gavin down to the crick, bends Gavin over and rams his cock right up Gavin’s crack! Gavin gets fucked standing up, bent over and all laid out on the sleeping bag! Watch them shoot yummy loads all over each other and slurp it up!
Kaden & Chaz
Views: 33,035
Kyle & Shaun
Views: 24,767
Brad & Gavin
Views: 33,223
In a 4-star Chicago hotel room, frat brother Cocoa Thug goes online and meets his Internet date Adam Lust. Soon, they are both making out at the hotel. Adorable Adam pulls his buddy’s briefs off and gives Cocoa a thorough rim-job. Then Cocoa starts deep-throating Adam’s cock. Adam can’t resist any longer and long-dicks Cocoa on the edge of the bed! You can really see the intense fucking in four different positions! Both cuties collapse and shoot creamy loads on each other’s chest!  
Back at the gay dude ranch, jr. jock Aaron Landcaster and 18 y/o Anthony Sullivan drive the monster truck out to the field to play touch football shirtless! After they get all sweaty, Aaron drops to his knees and blows Anthony’s uncut 10” sausage! Lots of juicy and chewy foreskin to peel back on this one! Anthony brings Aaron back to the cab and deep throats his red-hot 8” poker. They swap licks and sticks. You can tell they really love cocks! Finger fucking and rimming are just some of the highlights in this red-hot scene. Then Aaron takes Anthony down and bones him in the rear! The action is hot and the passion is spicy, it will bite you in the ass! They both shoot creamy loads on each other in the bed of a monster truck!
Three jr. jocks learn their lessons in physical education when these pichersa and catchers choose sides! If you like 3-ways, you'll love it when Brad and Gavin do a train on Kaden! Kaden gets stuck in the middle while his ass gets plowed and he gets schooled on sucking cock! When Kaden can't take it any longer, Gavin bends and spreads. Watch this dirty three-some drill deep and cream the team!
Adam & Cocoa
Views: 33,475
Aaron& Anthony
Views: 24,327
Alex & Brenden
Views: 33,213
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